Blog 1: Image Types and Tools

Blog 1: Image Types and Tools

1 .What is vector art and why is it used widely in both screen and print?

Vector art is a digital image made up of vector graphics. These graphics are constructed using lines, points, curves, and shapes that are based on mathematical formulas.It can be enlarged to very large or very small size without losing any quality.It is because the vector format doesn’t use the pixels but instead, clean lines of geometric shapes which are infinitely scalable in nature. There are few software tools which are used to make vector graphics art. The most popular vector software is Adobe illustrator.

This vector art is widely used for both screen and print purposes for its infinitely scalable capabilities and doesn’t lose quality no matter what size we make it.

2. What are the benefits of using Adobe Illustrator to create digital images?

Adobe Illustrator is one the most widely used vector graphics software in the current market. Individuals and large corporate companies use it because of its user- friendly interface, easy to learn and many more essential features. It can be used to design logos, website prototypes, banners, posters, digital image portraits, shapes, and many more. These customizable features make illustrator more popular than  other software tools in the market. It always updates with the latest features that are trending in the market based on the requirements.These following are the most popular pros of using illustrator.

  • It provides a helpful use interface
  • It allows for in panel editing
  • It is completely scalable
  • It creates files in manageable sizes
  • It works on any operating system
  • It creates print graphics and web graphics
  • It export file into most popular format
  • It can export file into other adobe software without any third party software

3. Briefly explain the purpose of the Pen tool, the Brush tool and the Pencil tool when creating digital
images, and describe when it would be appropriate to use these tools.

We are looking at the functionality of these three tools: brush, pen and pencil will be the same. These tools are used to draw a line or shape or curve.

Pen tool: The pen tool is one the most popular and powerful tools in illustration. It can create and edit anchor points and paths.Pen tool is most commonly used to copy the path from an image or shape with 100% accuracy. It has more control over the selection so in case anything doesn’t look right we can go back and fix it. It has more accuracy than brush and pencil tools but it takes longer to select or design the shape.

Brush tool:

It is used to add brush strokes to paths. You can perform basic tasks such as adding a bit of dimension to a sketch or you can add more complexity to your artwork by using arrowheads and custom brushstrokes to create patterns.  The ability to turn any path or group into a custom brush gives you limitless options for creating some very complex artwork without a great deal of effort.

Pencil Tool:

The pencil tool is used for drawing freestyle line segments. It provides the best balance between line accuracy and line smoothness. We can choose whether we want to have a smoother line or a more precise line. The paths created using the pencil tool can also be edited easily by tracking over the previous path. This makes it even more effortless to get the exact path we’re looking for.

4. Find three (3) examples of vector art that you like. Upload (with referencing) each image and
a. What tools you think were used to draw each of the artworks
b. Why you think these images work well.

In order to make this above design from handmade sketch to vector image two circles are used to make a round shape and to trace down the line and unusual shape pen tools are used.

This line is made using only pen tools by tracing the sketch path and colour shading.

This design is also made only using  pen tools.


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